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Success Stories

Gopal's transformation!

Gopal's foot and hand were deformed due to leprosy. Homeless and desperate, he was living at the mercy of local community members in his village.
Success Stories

The timely intervention!

Chand earned very little money by serving as a cook in a small hotel who lost sensation in his hands and faced huge problems while cooking.
Success Stories

Neha has a dream!

Neha developed tiny cervical lymph node which she ignored in the initial stage. Time passed and the lymph developed and was paining.
Success Stories

Obstacles at a younger age!

Kalindi, during her routine domestic work, she unknowingly began dropping things and felt weakness in her left hand. She was immediately rushed to hearby hospital.
Success Stories

Heart-warming story of a son!

Unnidas had been floundering throughout his young age until he developed the courage to fight against his misery, being born to humble parents and a sister.
Success Stories

Punitha's rescue from trauma!

Punitha led a normal life doing her routine work until the day she fell ill with fever and cough which was diagnosed TB and treatment was initiated immediately.
Success Stories

Miserable to desirable!

Raghu developed patches on the fore-arms and reported to St.Mary’s Leprosy Centre, Arisipalayam and was diagnosed with leprosy and started treatment.
Success Stories

Timely support saved my life!

Pandiyan was living happily with his family until he was diagnosed with leprosy and was also losing eye-sight due to aging who was isolated by his family.

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