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Who we are?

We reach & serve persons affected by Leprosy or TB,
medically and socially to get their life better.
Damien Foundation India Trust (DFIT) is a charitable Non-Governmental Organization established for Leprosy and TB Control Activities in India. It offers Leprosy and TB related services either directly through its own projects or in partnership with Government and local NGOs. The organization started its chapter of leprosy control activities at a village in South India in 1955, TB control in 1998 and now covers a population of 143.2 million populations across 9 states in India. Our main objective is to provide medical and social support for persons affected by Leprosy or Tuberculosis which is done in close partnership with the local community and Government.
About Damien Foundation

What we do?


Educating the persons affected by Leprosy and TB and giving the ray of hope.


Empowering the persons affected by Leprosy and TB by giving them a future and a purpose to Live.


Enlightening common man, fighting Leprosy and TB.


Encouraging Society to respect their rights and restore their dignity.


Ensuring leprosy deformity prevention through self care practice.


Envisage reduction of stigma by integrating affected persons into mainstream society.

Families covered for TB Diagnosis


Persons rescued from Leprosy Deformity


Leprosy deformity Surgeries Conducted


Persons provided Livelihood Support

Mission & Vision


Damien Foundation India Trust offers quality services, both medical and social, to people in need, either directly or through NGOs, civil society organizations or government.


To reach and serve persons affected by Leprosy or TB, medically and socially.

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